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Bro! THIS right here -> "In our pursuit of our highest selves, let us remember that the world knows us by what we say and do, not by what we hold back.

Let us cultivate great thoughts… YES… but let us express them through our creativity, art, communication, writing, design, work, love, spiritual practices, charity and more."

Is absolute truth. Thank you for sharing.

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So worth the wait! Loved everything about this! 👍💯😉

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I love this weeks letter! Timely per usual!! This intense energy has been bubbling up for me and you nailed it on the head. The collective wanting/needing to be seen, heard & acknowledged with compassion & non judgment. Seems few and far between these days. 🤔🤔 So, create the space…there was the thought & action shortly followed. Without overthinking it my newest offering, a monthly women’s circle, was birthed & is already full for the next 2 months. So many women were craving this space…FOLLOW THROUGH. “Be bold enough to share them” I FEEL THIS.

Good communication is an art. Oh man, I love this and I am forever a student of this art form.

“Find your tribe and love them hard.” Finding my tribe absolutely, positively fueled my evolution. Surrounding myself with people that fit my future was a game changer. Being discerning about who has access to my energy but always being genuinely kind.

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