This one was jammed packed with so much of what I needed to hear. Such great writing, Matt!

As someone who’s transitioning more deeply into my passion and calling, just like you, I’ve been really needing the clarity piece out of the equation you shared. (adding clarity and your why to the doing)

And as you also punted out, I’m finding the clarity by MOVING.

It’s not rocket science, but we sometimes we sit in a place of blurred clarity that blocks us from the momentum we could be experiencing in order to serve others sooner.

Powerful stuff!

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Amazing! Thank you Letty! I couldn't agree more about the "moving" part. It really isn't rocket science and when you tell people to just move and you'll get your answers, many don't believe you.

We have to let go of our resistance and just move.

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Wow. Once again the divine timing of all things has me in awe!!! This letter was everything I needed to hear in this moment!!

As you know, most recently I was asked to officiate a wedding!! Whoa, the imposter syndrome spoke up first saying … “who are you to do that? You’re not qualified. You can’t do that” but my soul spoke even louder & with so much more conviction…. “But you have a voice & you come from the heart! Of course you can do this”

Because I am so deeply connected to my soul I was able to immediately push past the imposter syndrome, which wasn’t always the case, that voice has stopped me dead in my tracks more times than I care to admit. But those days of operating out of fear are long since past. My soul is guiding me and I am like water. Flowing with ease & grace.

Now I totally see myself creating a wedding package offering. Ordination, sound healing, setting the energetic tone of such a monumental event. This is not something I ever would have thought up for myself but like you said when your souls calling becomes bigger, no amount of negotiation will stop it.

I loved every single word of this letter & the voice over is an absolute MUST!!! Really just brings these letter to life. 💚🙏🏼

Thank you Matt!!

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