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This letter speaks volumes to my soul Matt!

Much of my younger life was spent simply in survival mode. Doing what needed to be done to survive, period. And that was just on a basic, fundamental level not pertaining to business. I was in such a state of primal survival that having a business of my own rather than working for someone else wasn’t in my awareness as even a slight possibility. Because what got me there was not EVER going to get me any further!!

Once I had that realization & also the desire to be better, be more tapped into my soul VS the traumatic experiences. That’s when my healing journey began which directly led me to start my own business so that I could help others heal in the same way. Ah, the interconnectedness of all things. 😊

I love how you’re inviting people to redefine success for themselves! Truly, success IS a relative term. For me, success equals PEACE. I know this because I am solid in my values & I know exactly what I want to cultivate within myself & my life, some of which include PEACE, harmony, love & abundance in all ways that align with my soul. I have come to know these things through CONSISTENT self inquiry & personal spiritual practices, “the work” if you will. Lol

This consistency & devotion to myself & my health absolutely reflects in the success of my business. 💚💚

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I have very little routines atm in my life but I find the more I cultivate more healthy routines the better I feel and will ultimately lead to peace and more self worth. I have always had an entrepreneurial spirit/passion having my own business when I was only 23. The skills I developed helped me in every industry I tried after and In my personal growth.

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This is so similar to what I’m going through ! Thx for posting

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