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MATT!!!! Solid gold.

“Marketing is only complex when you overthink value…”- THIS!!! I feel this so deeply Matt. I used to overthink my value constantly. Try to explain my value through word vomit when it’s something to be experienced. When I released the need to complicate, overthink & over explain, is when things fell into alignment & I began attracting aligned clients.

I resonate so deeply with how you speak to sharing the process and being approachable. You truly embody this & it is felt!!

I love your example of reaching out via DMs, as you know I am the queen of sliding into the DMs. 😂😂😂 I think it’s so very important to connect with people and let them know you’re just as human as them. And to let others, like yourself, know…I see your humanness too.

“when we listen to signals from the people we serve, they often give us other ways we can serve… monetized or not.”—— Yes!!! Almost every one of my offerings has been birthed through this process of deeply listening to the needs of my clients in their entirety. Mind, body & spirit.

Thank you. Thank you.

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Love it brother. Great message "The bigger point made is that instead of trying to find some marketing blueprint based on academic approaches and what “everyone else is doing”, try transparency, honesty and open communication… then see what happens from there."

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One of my favorite lines as well. I'll be sure to share that ;) - Appreciate you brother

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