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Love this letter Matt!! As a service provider it resonates deeply!! When I first started my massage career in 2008, at the age of 19 I was hired for FIFTEEN dollars per hour session. 👀👀 WILD!!! Massage therapists working for any corporate massage spa or clinic can feel my pain here. It’s brutal & it’s just expected.

And even when I started my own practice I was plagued with this conditional expectation and was grossly undervaluing my services. One of my clients just so happened to be a business coach and asked me one day if I’d be interested in hearing about her work. She said she thought she could support me along my entrepreneurial journey. She was on the receiving end of my work and she knew, more than I did at the time, the value of what I was offering. And so the journey of ME coming to know my own value began & it all started with investing in myself!! I invested into my coaches program and to date, I have invested $10,000 into coaching with her & it’s truly been the catalyst for building my business & setting aligned fees!

Another huge thing for me was releasing the “hourly rate” I no longer set my fees/value based on an hour session it’s the service, the experience as a whole that I am valuing. For instance I just had a call with someone wanting to hire me for sound healing for an event she does. She told me the details & what she was expecting, a 45 min experience. Boom $500. Some might say, “$500 for 45 mins? What” Well, no it’s $500 for this entire experience and the value that I will bring to your experience. It felt so good!

This was such a great letter Matt! Thank you!!

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