Oct 20, 2021Liked by Matt Gottesman

I really love this weeks letter! Back the basics really, us humans love to complicate things. Yet, you’re totally right. Be honest with yourself first then others, take aligned action and watch the radical change unfold.

“Honesty without empathy, love, compassion and humility, is simply a direct way to be an asshole.” I really feel this statement. When I was much younger I was a direct asshole. I would be harshly honest. I was inflicting how I felt internally.

I have evolved into the space of being KINDLY honest. Always.

“having the discipline to be relatively selective is in itself, a practice of intentionality, which can only be sparked by a high level of honesty…” This really speaks to me as well. I have very firm boundaries as to who has access to my energy & it all started with having an honest conversation with myself about some relationships that were no longer serving. That I was no longer intentionally choosing but rather felt like something fixed. Which is not true.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. 💚

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Honesty is one of my favorite things. It's not always the easiest route, but when it's a core value you make sure that it's never pushed to the side.

So glad you're back, Matt!

Oh, and I loved the side note you wrote about. and agree that honesty should always be practiced with emphathy, love, compassion and humilty. So glad you pointed that out!

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