Aug 13, 2021Liked by Matt Gottesman

On point! Thank you for this brother!

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Awesome, as usual! (I especially loved the diversity segment this week.)

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Aug 9, 2021Liked by Matt Gottesman

This weeks letter is soo good! So many great take aways for me, I needed to hear all this right now!!! Lol My biggest take aways though were….

1) The tools should be complimentary for expanding one’s discovery. 🔥

2) “Not being ready” is an attack on your intuition and a blocker of your destiny. 🤯

3) Clarity is what drives direction and greatness, not chaos.

4) Get in the habit of using “resistance” as an identifier to knowing what to do next and where to lean in. The message… and the blessings… are in the resistance should you choose to do it anyway.🔥💯

So much value. Thank you, Matt!

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