Here's to not avoiding the "good stuff!"

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“they may actually be avoiding the “good stuff”… they may be avoiding life.” It’s me, I was “they” for the majority of my life. I had to create stability for myself at such a young age, once I had that stability…NOTHING CHANGED, for years. Full autopilot mode. Until I had that click moment. The realization that my “stability” was actually stagnation, masked. I was avoiding life. So I leaned in and started peeling back the layers & coming to know myself, my authentic self. Taking the time. Coming from a place of curiosity. Seeking to understand. Compassion. Kindness. Educating myself. Taking the time for all these things.

“Don’t be afraid of where you’re at, be mindful of where you want to go…” this landed in my heart so profoundly.

“Avoiding conflict is conflicting.” 🔥👌🏽👏🏼

“Simplify by dealing with what’s in front of you versus avoiding and letting it compound” It feels so good to just fucking have the conversation. Simple.

“When we lean into things, we minimize their existence… in these moments, try to navigate your emotions, thoughts and feelings into better actions, which will inevitably change your life.” This really played out in my personal life recently and I could see so objectively, so clearly and was able to operate from a place of such kindness & sovereignty. It was beautiful.

AND wow…this last part. You have no idea just how impactful & resonate it is for me. I am on a deep healing journey with money. Literally shifting away from “money is scary” to “money flows to me easily & frequently because I am worthy & in alignment” mid last year I wrote a stream of consciousness piece of writing titled “Money is….” The first word that came out was “scary”

I know that was a lot. 😂🤷🏻‍♀️🙏🏼

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