So much great info! I’ve never thought about the Renaissance as, in a sense, an era that’s linking arms with the current era. I love the visual and how it adds to the incredible time we’re living in.

I also love the line where you say, “may you value yourself enough to go all in and recreate our future.”

It really is on all of us to use our gifts and talents to shape what’s to come, but we need deeper belief in our gifts, which means more intentionality towards our inner work.

Excited to be a part of it all, and to living with so much intention so that I can contribute in the biggest way possible as God leads the way.

Thank you, Matt! Keep these coming! 😊

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I concur completely & share these exact sentiments about “luck”, the old paradigm breeds victim mentality by placing that responsibility outside of ourselves.

When we take that responsibility back within ourselves we can develop the sense of self that leads to better, more thoughtful decision making. It’s the choices we make that direct the flow of life. And sure, sometimes things happen that are completely out of our control, however the second we label that “bad luck” we give our power away. We give away what we ARE in control of, our response. For me, a huge piece of this is acceptance, accepting what IS and acting according to your value’s & principles. Which will hopefully require you to do something differently! IE: THE WORK!!

I love how you tied it all together!! You CAN create exactly what you desire, all it’s going to take is your consistent aligned action. It is that simple.

“Your world multiples by simply being in the game of you” YES 1000xs to this. I have experienced this first hand, simply stepping into my authenticity and releasing every single part/role I ever played to appease anyone else was the catalyst for the alignment I currently have. It took a lot of work though! 👌🏽👌🏽

Thank you for sharing your wisdom Matt! 💚💚

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