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Whoa. This weeks letter felt like a direct message to me. 😂 Which is not uncommon for your content.

Firstly I love the part about answers VS clarity. Before I dove into your description I asked myself these questions and my reflections were that many times we seek answers that are outside of us sometimes we mistake validation for answers and clarity comes from within. When you create the time & space for stillness & silence clarity will come and the answers & aligned action steps will reveal themselves.

“Seek clarity and be flexible with the answers” I absolutely love this statement.

Hot damn, these questions!! 👀😂💯 Let’s go.

1)I need to put less energy into the relationships that fit only my past. It is so hard to let go of LIFE long friendships & even my own brother!! However the energy that they operate from & the energy they bring to the table is not in alignment with my values.

2)This question was sooo triggering for me! (Thank you! Lol) and it’s because the people bringing me farther away are the ones I have known the longest. The ones who have supported me throughout all of my life’s traumas and experiences both good and bad….EXCEPT my success, my growth, my evolution. So it is the soul family that I have come to know in the last two years and the soul family that I have yet to come to know AND most importantly MYSELF & the aligned choices that I make that will be the most impactful.

3)Where I know I can do better NOW is my health, my nutrition, my physical activity I’ve spent so much time and energy getting my mind right which is a never ending process but I see very clearly where I need to do better physically. This will require a level of self discipline that I will need to cultivate and commit to.

Matt, this was so great and in such divine timing for me, once again. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

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Diving into these questions made it real clear that in the last year I've lost some momentum in my quest to stretch/grow professionally.

1) I need to spend less time learning and more time doing.

2) The person bringing me closer to the reason I'm here is me. (my faith, my choices, my dedication) And the answer as to who is bringing me farther away is also me. (when I'm not doing the things I know will get to me where I want to go)

3) This last year I should have done more writing, taken on more work, and focused on skill staking. If I'd done those three things I'd be able to show up the way I want to be able to show up. (lesson learned) ;)

Not only were these questions helpful, but the prompt to write them out and share was also really good. I appreciate you! And I loved your description of clarity. (really beautiful)

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