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I love how you opened up this letter with business & life being mirrored. It is so very true, I am my business. Every conversation, every interaction I am a representation of my business. This is why my self care & receiving are a top priority for me!

My coach always says….SLOW IT DOWN. I have really taken this to heart & soul. Whenever I feel overwhelmed I STOP and take an inventory, what’s overwhelming me? What NEEDS to get done now? What can I delegate? What can absolutely wait?

Most of the time I am able to gather that it’s not that the tasks that are overwhelming but rather I have over complicated things or didn’t have them organized in a way that would allow ease. I am learning everything as I go and so it’s so important for me to slow the fuck down. Ask question, receive support and delegate the things that are outside of my zone of genius.

And some days I just need to go to the river and simply BE. After these intentional river days I come back with so much more focused energy, motivation & all the new ideas flow into while I’m out in nature!

I had one day where I felt so overwhelmed with life & business that I cleared my day and went to the river to process how I was feeling. It was 100% what my soul needed that day. I shared about the experience online and someone wrote to me… “oh that must be nice, you’re so lucky”

To which I lovingly responded that luck had nothing to do with it. This freedom is a direct reflection of my aligned action, my aligned yes’s, and a whole lot of discerning no’s.

Love. Love. Love this letter Matt!!!

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Love the reminder of how crazy impactful deep focused work can be. The numbers you shared were staggering, but it makes absolute sense.

Less distraction + more focus = would you say more output, momentum, a head start that’s unmatchable, or all of the above?

Envisioning great things as I continue to apply everything you’ve been sharing, Matt. Thank you!

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