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MATT!! This letter is so potent! This is such a powerful message. I can really relate, when I first started my business I was GROSSLY undervaluing myself. I did not treat myself or even my business like a business. Honestly it felt more like a nonprofit or charity at that time. 😆

What shifted for me was that one of my clients was actually a business coach and I didn’t even know!!! One day after a session she asked me if I’d be interested in hearing about her work. She told me that she saw so much potential in me & my business. I said yes to working with her even though it was scary as fuck and the largest investment I would into myself & business at that time which was just near the end of 2020. Since then I have invested $10,000 and I didn’t have this money sitting in the bank. I earned it as i went by shifting everything in my business and actually implementing what I was learning.

Every conversation, every interaction is integral in building my business because I am my business.

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