I’m not one to watch a movie twice, unless it’s been a good while, or I just absolutely LOVED it and have to experience it again right away.

I say this because when it comes your content, it falls into the latter category every time.

With the audio, I can now listen and read which adds a whole nother level to the learning.

So happy you added it!

And in regards to this week’s letter, it was jammed packed with great info as always.

I have yet to build something with someone else in business, but feel a lot more ready to do so when the opportunity presents itself.

I know I’m coming from a place where whoever I choose to partner with will have someone who can win and lose with them, so just knowing that for now is a good to be.

Thanks for continuing to share your amazing wisdom when it comes to all things life and business, and congrats on hitting the one year mark in a Substack!

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Couldn't ask for a better running mate 🙌

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Oct 10, 2022Liked by Matt Gottesman

This letter is so potent!!

Firstly it reminded me of softball team I was on when I was about 10/12 years old. We lost damn near every game. After every single game, win or loss, I would say with a big smile “well that was fun!” Because I loved it and I was mastering my position, my game. My mom would respond EVERY SINGLE time with “Well it’s a lot more fun when you win” this comment always rolled off my back, it never bothered me, it never rang true to me because I felt the same joy out there playing whether we won or lost. Of course I was always happy to win but the losses never took my joy away.

Second thing this brings into my awareness is the most aligned collaboration that I have in my career with a soul sister. We have an aligned vision, open & clear communication, we know our roles and we so intuitively vibe off each other. We can literally read each other’s minds, energy & body language during our set and because of that we create authentic & safe healing spaces for people to release & receive. We have had super profitable events and some not so profitable but we both view them as successful if even one person is positively impacted. She’s someone I know I can learn from losses with and truly celebrate our wins together and as individuals.

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